Canvas Zipper Utility Tool Bag – 4 Pack Great Quality Heavy Duty Metal Zippers Tool Pouch


Canvas Zipper Utility Tool Bag – 4 Pack Great Quality Heavy Duty Metal Zippers Tool Pouch with Carabiner, Well Made Organizer Clip on Tote Bags in Blue, Black, Gray, Red


✅GREAT QUALITY MATERIALS: No. 16 canvas tool bag with strong heavy duty metal zipperand carabiner clip.

✅TOUGH, THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The strong heavy duty 16 oz canvas material is one piece, has reinforced double stitching and is built to last! The rugged heavy duty construction extends to the zippers, which glide freely without binding and will last as long as you do.

✅WELL DONE MULTI-PURPOSE BAGS: Designed for tools, but can be used as a canvas tool bag, banking bag, toiletry bag, organization bag, travel accessories bag, artist bag, brush bag, makeup bag, electronics bag, construction bag, zipper tool pouch, tool bag, etc.

✅EASY ORGANIZATION: Organize your stuff by color. Finally collect those small items that tend to get scattered all over your house or workshop. And remember what theyare.

✅SPACIOUS DESIGN: Fit more stuff in every canvas storage bag thanks to the way the backs are designed. 12.5 x 7 inches size is also larger than competitor brands.

✅ GRAB AND GO STORAGE: The sturdy carabiner lets you hang‘em from your belt loop, backpack or easel. Secure them in a purse or briefcase.Our heavy duty bags are built to stand the test of time.

Product Description

Organize your life! This value pack of sturdy canvas tool bag is perfect for sorting everything from tools and art supplies to electronics and cosmetics.

Does staying organized help you stay sane? Clear the clutter with this 4-pack of Multi Purpose Storage Bags! Made of heavy-duty canvas with reinforced stitching, these canvas tool bag are specially designed to hold more “stuff” than competitor brands. They won’t tear, even when packed to the brim! And with 4 different shades, you can color-code items for easy identification. Imagine how much simpler life will be when you can instantly find everything you need for projects and repairs.

For tools, crafts, students, ladies, gents, anyone who needs tough, handsome organization. Use these portable pouches all around your home, in your office or mechanic shop, or in your car.

There is simply no end to their possibilities! The canvas tool bag is great for:
-Wire nuts & other consumables
-Pliers, wrenches & screwdrivers
-Sewing & craft supplies
-Stationery supplies
-Plumbing, gardening, HVAC or carpentry tools
-Coins & other collectibles
-First aid supplies
-IT accessories (chargers, earphones, etc.)
-Computer technician tools
-Car, bicycle & motorcycle repair tools
-Hair stylist or barber tools
-Cosmetics & beauty products
-Travel items (passports, etc.)

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